Hailey, Mellisa, Krige, and Zach at the USA Paratriathlon Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista,Ca.
Zach at the Dare 2 Tri Paratriathlon Training Camp in Wisconsin.  Image captureed by Ali Engin.

About Me

I grew up playing team sports throughout junior high and then got into BMX as a young teenager. I began racing BMX at age 14 and saw success my first year racing nationally with a first place finish in the rookie class of the NBL. I raced and competed in Dirt Jump events throughout my teens. Then at age 22 I was involved in motorcycle wreck on my way to work on a sunny fall morning that left me paralyzed from the chest down. I spent the better part of 3 years without any involvement in sports until a Korean War Veteran donated a handcycle to me. Since then I have found a great outlet in handcycling and also got involved in competeing in triathlons.

To compete in triathlons I use a wetsuit for the swim portion, handcycle for the bike leg, and a racing wheelchair for the run. This sport has meant so much to my life and is something that I love to share with others.

It is my goal and dream to compete for the USA at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I currently train an avearage of 15-20 hours per week at this goal. If you are interested in sponsoring me for the 2016 season please contact me.

2015 Results

ITU Continental Championships, Monterrey, Mexico = 6th place
ITU Yokohama, Japan World Paratriathlon Event = 5th place
USA Paratriathlon National Championships, Austin, Tx = 1st place
ITU Detroit, Mi World Paratriathlon Event = 6th place
ITU Edmonton, Alberta World Paratriathlon Event = 3rd place
ITU Open World Paratriathlon Championships, Chicago, IL = 1st place

2016 Races

March 19-20: Buffalo City, South Africa
April 23-24: Penrith, Australia
May 14-15: Yokohama, Japan (held with ITU World Triathlon Series)
May 14-15: Aguilas, Spain
June 4-5: Besancon, France
June 4-5: Strathclyde, Great Britain
June 25-26: Iseo, Italy

Paratriathletes will earn Paralympic Qualifying Points through the Yokohama and Aguilas stops as they attempt to qualify for the Paralympics in Rio, where paratriathlon will be held for the first time.